Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who I am and how I will contribute to this blog

John Spragge, my dear husband, invited me to join him in this blog. Thank-you, John!

I am an art historian specializing in nineteenth-century French art, and I also have a keen interest in art and architecture of all eras. I am forty-something and an independent scholar.

Although I am new to blogging and hence, I wish to keep my future contributions somewhat open-ended, I expect I may contribute some of the following to this blog:

1) reviews of art exhibitions and of new architecture in Toronto and further afield;
2) reports from my travels;
3) news about wonderful and amazing sites that I find on the web, as well as the, um, er, opposite;
4) book reviews, musings about middle-aged life, and who knows, maybe even the odd recipe.

I am less philosophical and abstract than my husband. I am an INFJ and John is an INTP. 'Nuff said.

Now I have errands and the Toronto traffic may or may not release me for future blog notes.

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