Sunday, July 22, 2007

Riding to Port Hope

This weekend, I joined Vic Gedris and a mixed group of bicycle riders to celebrate my birthday weekend with a cycling and camping trip. Two nights under the stars, and a 100 kilometer round trip; what better way could I chose to close out an interesting 51st year?

The trip had a several highlights for me, things both important and trivial:

  • The train that returned my wave with a toot,

  • the patience of my fellow riders, who often waited for an old man who fell behind,

  • the waiters in the Beamish House restaurant at Port Hope, who responded to the news that a party of tired, hungry and sweaty cyclists had descended on their patio with pitchers of ice water and plates of food,

  • the impromptu pot luck dinner we organized on Saturday night after the ride.

  • the waterfront trail winding through the country along the waterfront, and the ongoing work to improve it.

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