Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ride blogging: last day of summer

I have decided to try an experiment in ride blogging. I provide an introduction explaining the purpose of the ride, and a map of my route, with the places I visited or photographed along the way. Click on the waypoints to see the story of my ride. You may find the map much easier to read if you enlarge it before trying to follow the line. Oh, and the ride starts at the bottom and goes to the top. Enjoy!

This first ride celebrated the last day of summer. I rode the Toronto bus and then my bicycle up to Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan Ontario. My family met me there, and together we spent a last lazy afternoon before starting on the fall round of school and more school.

I welcome comments on everything I write, but I would especially like to see any reactions to this way of telling the story of a ride.

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Vic said...

I didn't realize Wonderland was actually so close to Steeles (about 8km it appears). You could have gone even close by paying the "north of Steeles" fare.

A few weeks ago I took the Jane bus up to a wedding north of the 407. Dropped me off right in front of the venue. In the evening, I had to walk back down to Steeles to catch the bus home, since the north of Steeles service had already ended.

Should have taken my bike on the bus...that would have been a fun way to show up at the wedding, and I would have been able to ride back to the bus.

Haven't been to Wonderland in years.