Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What is it with the end of August?

Yesterday, running errands on my bike, I rode West on Dundas West, when a small Golf came up on my left side and then abruptly turned into the parking lot. I braked hard, and as my bike skidded forward, the car turned right into me. The side of the car pushed against my leg and pressed my bike into the kerb, but as we converged at a sharp angle and I had nearly slid to a stop, I got out of it unhurt, and my pedal didn't even scratch the car door.

Not a bad outcome, for me; another Toronto cyclist fared far worse, but still, what is it with the end of August?


geoffrey said...

Was it blue? I saw a golf do exactly that to another bicyclist about 3 pm eastbound on Dundas at Ritchie. It made a right into the gas station clipping a bicylist, then looped onto Ritchie and proceeded north on Ritchie. The bicyclist continued on without stopping. The driver was middle aged, possibly Portuguese, heavy set without looking overweight. His face looked fatigued. His eyes seemed red.

John G. Spragge said...

No, this happened to me riding westbound at Durie. I'd love to know exactly how many cyclists did get clipped, bumped, or otherwise hit by cars that day.