Monday, May 02, 2016

Seven reasons to want more people cycling

Every cyclist should want more people to get on a bike. Wherever, however, whenever you cycle, you should welcome two-wheeled, human powered company on the road. The reasons for wanting more cyclists include:

  1. More cyclists means a healthier society. A huge body of evidence indicates that using a bicycle for transportation on a regular basis adds as much as two years to the average life span.
  2. More cyclists means a happier society. Regular activity counters depression.
  3. More cyclists means a smarter society. Regular physical activity, including cycling, improves alertness.
  4. More cyclists means less local pollution from cars.
  5. More cyclists means more provision for cyclists: everything from more bicycle parking to bicycle racks on buses.
  6. More cyclists means motor vehicle operators expect cyclists, look for cyclists, adapt their behaviour to account for the presence of cyclists on the roads.
  7. More cyclists cut into the sense of immunity that many motorists expect. In a community where the vast majority of people commute to work, leisure, shopping and even the gym by car, motorists know that other motorists will investigate and adjudicate any crash they get into. In a community where cycling plays an important role in transport, the motorist can expect that at least some of those who judge their behaviour will have no sympathy with those who choose to operate motor vehicles unsafely.

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Julia K said...

Agreed, but the photographer of the first picture is about to become one fewer bicyclist once a car door opens. Wham!

Seriously, please be sure to track your wheels at least six feet from parked cars. That's what it takes to be safe. I hate that door zone bike lanes are still legal, but you aren't required to use them.