Sunday, July 02, 2017

The American gun organization the National Rifle Association has a new advertisement out on the web, full of standard right wing complaints about mean things the Left has to say about their president and their policies. This list of complaints noticeably avoids making any kind of case for gun rights. Indeed, it doesn't mention gun rights at all.

While this might seem surprising at any time,the choice by the NRA to talk about something other than gun rights at this specific time appears downright perverse, since a jury just acquitted a police officer for the most brutal possible violation of a citizen's right to legally carry a gun.

The video just published of the traffic stop that ended in the killing of Philando Castille makes it virtually impossible to avoid concluding Mr. Castille died because he had a legally permitted firearm; that a policeman, whether in a moment of panic or not, violated a right the United States constitution protects.

Other honourable conservatives have stood up and criticized the acquittal of the officer who shot Mr. Castille. Members of the NRA have criticized their own organization's silence (warning paywall).

Rights only exist because people defend them. Rights only certain people have don't qualify as rights put privileges, A right that disappears when someone with power finds it inconvenient means nothing at all. If the NRA wants to evolve into an undifferentiated member of the American far right, they have chosen the right course. If they want anyone to continue to take them seriously as advocates for the second amendment to the United States constitution, they need to speak up about Philando Castille, and they need to speak up so everyone from the Fraternal Order of Police to the George Zimmerman fans in their own ranks can hear them five by five.

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