Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Introducing myself (John Spragge)

I have a small business doing programming and systems design in Toronto Ontario Canada. I have volunteered in the past with Frontier College, the Canadian literacy institution, with a telephone help and befriending line, and with various peace and justice groups. I currently do a lot of work with Christian Peacemaker Teams.

My interests include the criminal justice system (I did prison literacy tutoring for eight years), Aboriginal justice work, peace (as in the presence of justice, not just the absence of violence), and freedom and personal responsibility. I have a personal and professional interest in meta-politics, looking at the way people form and discuss political ideas, and how we build communities (on the Internet, as well as in real life). I also have a pilot's license, so I write about aviation issues from time to time.

I do not promise to post (or refrain from posting) on any particular issue. I do not claim to tell the truth any more often than anyone else, or even to know the truth very well. I make only one effort: to try to post according to my understanding, whether or not the truth (as I see it) delights my enemies and infuriates my friends.

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