Monday, February 05, 2007


To the driver in a long stream of cars who let me turn left on Saturday from Dundas on to Gilmour Avenue... thanks.

To the driver who let me turn left from Annette onto Runnymede Road... thanks.

To the drivers who took extra care passing me on a snowy day... thanks.

Everyone who cycles in Toronto has plenty of stories of rude, impatient, or just plain psychotic drivers. Many of us find the sight of someone shrieking curses at us while operating a two-ton battering ram so alarming that we forget something: most drivers in this city, most of the time, behave with courtesy, respect, and responsibility. We remember the worst of the drivers we meet, and we remember the worst things they do.

I want to highlight the best: the drivers who let us in, the drivers who wait behind us for a safe place to pass, the drivers who stop to let us go. The polite drivers. The majority of people, and the majority of drivers in this city.

To all of you... thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure anymore that courteous drivers are the majority. I don't bike here anymore because I was getting angry all the time from being too stressed out with all the jerks. Even as a pedestrian I'm fed up. Drivers forget or ignore the fact that if a light turns green and the pedestrian sign is activated the person walking gets to cross first and the driver turning right has to wait until they've crossed before they turn. It's only FIVE SECONDS!!! Yet I get cut off or people drive so close. I'm fed up so now I whack their car with my purse. Hey - if they're that close to me... Everyday I whack at least one car. I don't do any damage but I make my point.
Love how they'll stop if they think they got a scratch - but someone else's life and they don't give a sh*t.